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Assertive Intellectual Property Law Firm in Los Angeles

Preserving the value of your ideas

Intellectual property originates in the mind of the creator. The attorneys at Yanny & Smith have more than 20 years of experience zealously protecting ideas and preserving their potential financial value through:

As part of its intellectual property practice, Yanny & Smith prosecutes patent, trademark, and copyright applications and maintains these registrations in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and many other international areas. Yanny & Smith has created and organized some of the most successful intellectual property licensing programs in the nation, including those of the Grateful Dead and Cerveceria Modelo, S.A. de C.V., manufacturers of Corona Extra® Beer.

Reaping the rewards of innovation through patent

You deserve to reap the rewards of your innovative invention. You can protect the value of your innovative product by registering it with the U.S. Patent Office. Searching for existing patents similar to your invention can be a long, involved process. Yanny & Smith attorneys conduct a thorough patents search to determine that your design is unique. Then, the firm assists you in completing and filing your application and any subsequent paperwork and appeal. If other companies infringe upon your patent rights, we demand they cease and desist unauthorized use, and we aggressively pursue compensation for damages.

Protecting your art products through copyright

You have the exclusive right to the use, production, duplication and distribution of a piece of art you have created. In addition to the financial benefits it provides, copyright protects the integrity of your work by allowing you to direct the manner in which it is used. Covering a wide spectrum of talents, copyrights protect books, photographs, musical compositions, computer programs, movies and many other creative products. Yanny & Smith’s attorneys register your work with the ;U.S. Copyright Office and defend it against unauthorized use.

Preserving your business image through trademark

A company's unauthorized use of your branding, logo, picture or design creates confusion that can tarnish your business' reputation. Even a product with a similar look can negatively affect your image. Our attorneys file your trademark with the U.S. Patent Office. If infringement occurs, we assertively seek an injunction to stop further use and sue the infringer for damages.

Safeguarding your business' trade secrets

A formula, recipe, method, process or plan is the cornerstone of your business’ success. When these unique functions are revealed, your company’s value is severely compromised. Los Angeles law firm Yanny & Smith helps you protect your business secrets through nondisclosure agreements and employment protocol. If an employee or outside party releases protected information, the firm’s attorneys doggedly pursue your legal remedies while taking methodical steps to minimize damage to your company.

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